Caine Wild

Managing Director & Founder

Managing director and founder of Wild Intervention, Caine Wild, is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who is committed to helping children of all ages to reap the many benefits of active, hands on learning.

Having spent time at a pupil referral unit in his youth, he knows first-hand just how much difference outdoor learning can make in terms of child development, behaviour and achievement outcomes.

Caine struggled in the classroom, but flourished outdoors, finding it the perfect environment to improve his confidence, enthusiasm and ability to master new concepts.

After leaving school, Caine studied Drama at Hull College, before heading into the Royal Navy. It was there, during basic training on Dartmoor, that he first had the idea of creating a dedicated, hands-on outdoor activity and learning programme for primary school children.
Caine left the Navy in 2016, spending time developing his concept whilst working in children’s homes across Yorkshire. Running outdoor skills camps bushcraft and camping events, he helped to support the children, providing safe, nurturing outdoor activity programmes to develop self-confidence, improve wellbeing and learn essential life skills.

In 2018, Caine approached First Step with an outline plan for a new company, and First Step Wild was born. Caine worked at numerous schools across Yorkshire during the first two years. During the recent COVID-19 outbreak Caine decided he wanted to launch Wild Intervention aimed at helping children and young people in a care and support settings. Caine now has a large team with one goal, to help change young peoples lives.