Unleashing Potential.
Changing Lives.

We offer tailored support and outreach services to equip young people with the key skills and independence needed to transition successfully into adulthood.

Who We Are

We are a committed team providing comprehensive support to children and young people. We recognise the unique needs of every young person, promoting growth and independence through tailored services.

What We Do

Our services range from residential support and educational outreach to advocacy and recreational activities. Our goal is to equip young people with key skills for a successful transition into adulthood.

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We’d love to hear from you. Whether you have questions, need further information about our services, or want to discuss how we can support your unique needs or those of your young ones, our team is ready to assist.

Wild Intervention was established with the mission to provide enhanced supported accommodation for individuals aged 16 and above in the local area. Building on years of experience working in children’s homes, we now offer our unique solo and group living settings, designed to foster personal growth and confidence. Alongside our living facilities, we offer an enriching activity package aimed at bolstering mental health and engagement.

Meet The Founder

Wild Intervention’s founder, Caine Wild, is a passionate advocate for outdoor learning. Drawing on his personal experiences and inspired during his time in the Royal Navy, Caine developed unique outdoor learning programs. In 2018, he established Wild Intervention with the goal of transforming young lives through active, hands-on experiences. Today, Caine leads a dedicated team to continue this important work.

What We Do

Explore our array of services, carefully designed to support, empower, and transform the lives of young individuals aged 16 and above.

Summer Camps

Immersive outdoor experiences that foster growth, resilience, and camaraderie.

School Programmes

Merging traditional education with hands-on experiences for comprehensive growth.

Outreach Service

Tailored programmes for at-risk youth, paving personalised paths to success and fostering resilience.

Advocacy Service

We voice young individuals’ needs and opinions, building self-advocacy skills.

Supported Accommodation

Providing nurturing environments for 16+ individuals, fostering independence.

Appropriate Adult

Offering expert support in situations such as police interviews, ensuring stability.

Get in Touch

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    “You have provided such a high level of support. Our compliance checks and team continue to evidence an extremely professional standard.”

    Hull City Council Commissioning Management